Install H2R Graphics

This process applies for any hardware and Raspian OS

Using SSH or via local Terminal

The prefered method is accessing the Pi remotely using an SSH client such as Putty. This eliminate the need for a keyboard, mouse and monitor to be connected to the Pi. If you are unfamiliar you can learn more on the website.

The same procedure can be done in a terminal window on the Pi if you have a keyboard-mouse and monitor connected

Update OS

Once you are connected over SSH (or open a terminal), you first need to load and install the latest updates with the following command

sudo app-get update && sudo app-get upgrade

You will be prompted to process with the install and you need to press 'y' followed by 'enter'. This may take a while.

Download H2R Graphics

Next we need to download the H2R Graphics AppFile to the Raspberry Pi in a new folder called H2R.

If you are using 64 bit OS

wget -P ~/H2R

If you are using 32 bit OS

wget -P ~/H2R

Install H2R Graphics

Next we will move to the H2R directory, adjust permissions, unpack the AppFile and rename the root directory

cd ~/H2R
chmod a+x H2R-Graphics-2.18.2-arm64.AppImage
./H2R-Graphics-2.18.2-arm64.AppImage --appimage-extract
mv squashfs-root root

Create a desktop shortcut

If you need a desktop icon to use to launch H2R graphics, we'll need to create a .desktop file for this purpose.

nano ~/Desktop/H2R.desktop

this will open a text editor for file H2R.desktop

copy and paste the content below into the editor

[Desktop Entry]
Name=H2R Graphics

to exit the editor and save your file you hit Ctrl+X to exit, Y to confirm changes, Enter to complete

At this point you can double-click the icon to launch the application!

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